Movie Review-Passengers

Thursday, April 1, 2010 12:18 PM By crosswaysnet , In

I have great hopes for the future of Anne Hathaway's career. She needs a breakout role. This is not it.

I've seen the movie. My advice to you? Don't.

Kiersey Says...

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Now I just gotta pay the extra $20 to find out if I'm an INVENTOR, ARCHITECT, FIELDMARSHALL or MASTERMIND... (What? No option for "EVIL Mastermind?)

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Top 5 Things I've learned (so far) from LOST-the Final Season

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5) There's 'Lost' 'Loster' and probably 'Lostest.'
4) NO one gets to die only once.
3) If it 'worked' it doesn't mean it worked.
2) Where there's smoke, there's murder.
1) Only WE can kill the gods.

He I Follow

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I have not been this way before
I will not see the destination
I only follow
where I am led
he with face toward day
shoulder to the wind
I catch the light and shadow
the sweat the blood and dust