Where are God's "Yes!" Men?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 11:24 AM By crosswaysnet , In ,

A man said "YES! Of course I'll go!"
There was no place, no distant land
No hungry heart, no reaching hand
He did not touch, or love not show.

His voice was song, his words were peace
While it was day he labored long
He ran his race, he finished strong
Now joy is his that will not cease.

We grieve for us and not for him
Pain hits like a red hot arrow
Sorrow bores into the marrow
a sea of tears requires we swim.

Impatiently we wait the morn
When all of this will be made new
Then God Himself will see us through
And with pure white our frames adorn.

For us the call remains "Now who?"
For hands still reach and hearts still yearn
For hunger’s end, God’s love to learn
Our friend's heart stilled - now WE must DO!

In loving memory of a great lover of Jesus, mentor and friend:
Bobby Michaels - With the Lord, 3/31/09


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