Resolve: Remembering 9/11

Monday, October 1, 2001 11:49 AM By crosswaysnet , In

Remembering 9/11
On bedrock of the Eastern Shore
Stood gates of our prosperity
Ambition's arms uplifted - One
Outstretched to catch a rising sun
The Apple of our Eye 

A lance of flaming fury thrown
A fit of ancient jealousy
To all the Earth thunder resounds
An Eagle's wings were brought to ground
We watched the silent skies

Then torn from simple innocence
By acts of twisted piety
Our fathers wept, our mothers groaned
The fabric of our heart unsewn
A land of mournful sighs

From land so blessed and full of light
To where flew our security?
Suspending hope, with dreadful steps
The shadow of the Angel Death
It did not pass us by

A hidden war on Freedom pierced
The veil of our own sovereignty
The voices of the nations called
Echoing the first to fall
"Is this where Freedom dies?"
Then facing unexpected fate
Steeled with sacrificial bravery
Travelers stopped a devil's goal
The seat of our young nation's soul
Their blood the Patriot's Cry

While banded brothers found their men
To lift the fallen tenderly
Seeking till they found no more
On this solemn grief-strewn shore
Our Flag was still raised high

The consecrated ground cried out
Our youth, our strength stood ready
See Righteousness uphilt the sword
We bare the steel in one accord
The time for justice now draws nigh

As talons loose the olive branch
To save the Olive Tree
Evil tremble, Terror hide
For Might on winds of Justice rides
Watch Phoenix, this Eagle, now rise

B. Floria, 2001, all rights reserved. Reprints by permission only...


Lv2Lstn said...

Only you could change my outlook on this day. Thank you,

September 11, 2011 at 9:43 PM
Bri Harding said...

Your structure is almost undetectable, which I believe, is how good poetry works. As I commented on "Falling Forward" you do well at creating moving imagery without being overly sentimental.

September 12, 2011 at 12:41 PM

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