Twice Around the Sun

Saturday, August 13, 2011 12:00 AM By crosswaysnet , In ,

Today my new morning dawns
I am alive to see it.
A hazy white above
A summer's burn below
Wisps of coffee steam
Now rise within my grasp

I look beyond my perch
Of bleached and weathered boards
A tired dog now older
Another garden seeding
The cry of herons
A truck a distant rumble

A different rumble strokes my feet
The babe awake now tumbles
Down the hallway
Into the room
Cries of 'daddy' on his lips
I step back in to feed and praise him

The others rest secure
As long remains the cool
Sleep is their friend
No threat of fear
My heart is warm
on watch and in waiting

Following their waking yawns
Out stumble sleepyheads
Ready for whatever
The day now half-over
A day of rest we have together
As normal as can be

The evening will nudge the night
with tawny golden strands
I'll step anew into Life
A second victory lap complete
It's then I'll stand and thank my God
I'm twice around the sun


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