Auspicious Beginnings...

Friday, February 1, 2013 3:36 PM By crosswaysnet , In , ,

The challenge: Create a new genre - "Cozy Apocalypse Mysteries"

Take One...

The tray overflowed with warm scones and an oversized Delft teapot. (The Spode had a hairline crack in the handle and was at the factory for repair.) The host shuffled along as carefully as his rigored knees would allow. He didn't see the body in time. A rainbow of cranberry and currant followed an arc of Irish Breakfast right to the center of the peacock-patterned silk/wool blend carpet. The man recovered slowly and in despair. He let out a guttural groan, looking up and back from his supine resting place of silverplate, mushy crumbles and shattered pottery. The inverted faces staring back at him were aghast. Then again, they always were.

The man sat up with another groan, echoed by three or four of his guests. He clumsily extracted two large shards embedded in his shoulder and elbow - always such a strange sucking sound when such objects were removed yet a bloodless wound. Thankfully, it didn't hurt.

All glassy eyes were now on the offending obstacle. What... WHO could it be? The body appeared intact, dressed in a business suit, and prone over a large leather-bound tome. A door-to-door missionary? A photographer with portfolio? Something else? Now THIS was a delicious mystery! Yes, delicious. It would take all the retired inspector's shrunken brain to solve it. Brains... Well, it appeared the menu had changed for the better. How fortunate! He would have to work fast before the evidence disappeared.


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