I Am Receding

Sunday, September 4, 2016 11:55 PM By crosswaysnet , In ,

I am receding
rushing down meridians to the lower pool 
at the bottom of my world
the rest of my little school waiting for me there
Crashing through cataracts and eddies
and earthquakes of leaving
I grasp my love’s hand for the long slide 
our conversations strangely forward 
raw and hopeful still

We began this journey rushing rapids
cresting over interstates in their decades
a quivering fish in our wake
ready to make her leap into the northern sky
our hearts reluctant
a certain, welcome dread
She leans between us 
and sings the songs of longing
life and levity

The engine stops
we stand at Precipice
our hearts hold a stammered breath
our fish is now a bird
straining against the weight of inhibition
I let go or she unclasps her talon
i don’t know which
an updraft draws her higher
She catches glimpse of new horizons

My heart has not the will 
to imagine what her hope sees
Now other fish have made their shift
and rise to meet her
Beneath their crystal calls
we watch them, mystified
that such joy and terror wed
so fearsomely and trepid
And yet they rise

Not just any birds
these are eagles
Now other wiser ones
call from higher up
and they follow
I’m Triton waving fiercely
now my trident
I’ll strike these sirens
and reclaim my little fish

They pay no heed
these soaring fish
and rush away 
to higher heights
and rarer climes
North is now a destination
no longer just direction
For me, at least

And now I am receding...


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